Trying to Breathe

Someone tell me this is normal.

We are days away from closing escrow on a home that may be, to me, one of the most charming homes imaginable. At the same time, I am days away from everyone I know having the opportunity of reading my book and deciding for themselves if I can or cannot actually write. I am hours away from my first real day as a Barista in a coffeehouse. A job I used to pine for, years ago before my world went haywire.

These are all good things, and yet, I feel like I cannot breathe. My hands are shaking and I am filled with anxiety.

But I know this is not who I am. God called me to this day, for these things. He created me and has given me all I need to make it through today. He did not line these things up in October for the events to overpower me, and my fears will not push me to the place of behaving badly.

God cannot breathe for me, but He breathes through me, and I am strong enough and brave enough in Him.

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning. Lamentations 3:23