Where the Water Rages, a Novel by Jacquelyn Sill


indexAfter reaching a breaking point in her marriage, American journalist, Kimly Denim, leaves her ordinary life behind. She travels to Thailand with hopes of writing an investigative story on Human Trafficking. It isn’t long before Kimly is befriended by Dak, a resourceful widower, with striking gray eyes, who seems intent on inserting himself into her cause.

Noi is a nine-year-old Burmese village girl who has been sold into slavery and is struggling for survival. Listen to Noi’s heart as she recounts the darkness her young eyes have seen.

Journey with Kimly and Dak as their pursuits lead them to historical sites on this Southeast Asian peninsula, including the Golden Triangle, where they uncover a far-reaching prostitution ring. Will they discover the freedom they don’t know they lack?

The Story of Jackie and Kimly

kimlyslittlesquareIn the early part of 2012, Jacquelyn (Jackie to her friends and family) wrote a 95,000 word fictional manuscript about a woman at a crossroads in her life. The working title was The Trade, and later it was Kimly’s Trade. Jackie named the protagonist Kimly because the name means “Golden Lion” and the main character was a fierce lioness with a limited view of the strength she possessed. At the time Jackie didn’t realize how significant Kimly’s story was to her own struggles.
Also unearthed within the manuscript was the parallel story of a young girl sold into the sex trade.  When readers are drawn into Noi’s story of slavery and abandonment they will discover a story that is stimulating and triumphant. Reading Kimly’s Trade allows readers to travel through the streets of Thailand on a life changing adventure filled with hope.

Jackie’s passion for inspiring others translates into her storytelling. She tackles themes of faith, family, infidelity, grief, and grace in this, her first novel.  She has been married to her husband, David, for nearly three decades and they enjoy hiking, swimming, watching good films, and reading.

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