Called to Recall

img_2784Recently, I met a young man named Ricardo. While chatting with the dark-eyed teenager, I made reference to Ricky Ricardo. Teenage Ricardo made little response and his blank stare sent a small warning that I may have offended him by comparing him to someone so old. Wanting him to understand the charm of this star from the era of black and white TV, I told him that Ricky Ricardo was considered incredibly handsome in his day.
Teenage Ricardo responded, “I have no idea who he is.”
Naturally, I responded with a gasp and began to trip over my words in an overly exaggerated attempt to make him recall the Latin husband from the iconic TV show.

“Ricky and Lucy! Of course, you know who he is! The husband from I Love Lucy!”

Again, Teenage Ricardo responded, “I don’t know what that is.”


Our  days are dynamic; in a moment and half, a generation of children arrives: we change some diapers, take a few pictures, teach them to drive, and then suddenly — they are grown and having their own brood of babies. It would be foolish to think that without some effort on our part, each generation would naturally know who God is and why He is the reason for the hope that we have. We have to be purposeful in communicating the goodness of the Lord, without being strident or abrasive.
Our call is to be sharing honest, transparent, everyday stories that magnify the ways the Lord has redeemed an impossible situation.

Quite simply, we are called to recall.

We bridge generational gaps with testimony; and yet, sometimes still, we refrain. Something holds us back from sharing how God has pursued us, intervened, and triumphed.

  • Could it be that in sharing how God pursued us, we cannot deny that we wandered?
  • Do we recognize that while describing how God intervened, we have to admit we were harboring sin?
  • Do we hesitate to share the story of God’s triumph, because we will also recall our own humbling?

Wandering, harboring sin, and finally humbled . . . these are painful to admit. The fear of others seeing us in that light can shame us to silence, and succumbing to those fears closes the door for others to know all that God has done, but overcoming those fears will serve a great purpose for our children and grandchildren.

Our simple stories become God’s magnificent masterpiece for future generations. Let them forget the stars of the screen, but never let them forget the One who created the stars of the Universe.