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Greedy with Love

We can be greedy with our affections. We can be greedy with intimacy towards our husbands. We avoid eye contact during sex, but then we look for romance in a movie or a book. We can be greedy with our affirmations to others who are gifted–especially if their gift mirrors our own in some way.

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He said, She said

He said he would be her friend. She said she had never had a friend like him. He said, “Let’s take a walk on the beach.” She said, “You can hold my hand.” He said, “I’ll write to you from England.” She said, “You can kiss me goodbye.” He said, “I want a Christmas wedding.”… Continue reading He said, She said

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IF:Story – Transforming Stones

Last weekend I attended the IF:Gathering, a Christian conference for women. During the closing session each woman was given a smooth stone just large enough to fit nicely into the palm of one’s hand. We were instructed to use the stone in the same vein which God had instructed Joshua and the leaders of Israel… Continue reading IF:Story – Transforming Stones

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And Then This Happened

Last Friday evening I received a vile and disgusting comment on my blog. The writer, a male who resides in Ohio, gave himself a fictional name, and commented saying horrible things about me and my husband. The things he said were completely inaccurate. He made gross assumptions about our situation and my heart. He made completely inaccurate statements about God’s forgiveness. He assured me that I was not forgiven or redeemed.