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Ferocious Female Fears: Eskimo Girls and Women’s Retreats

It was January of 1979 when my family moved, and I was a new student, coming in half way through the academic year. I was an 8th grader in a Southern California High School District which had recently adopted a (short-lived) plan to eliminate all their Jr. High Schools and place the 8th graders on… Continue reading Ferocious Female Fears: Eskimo Girls and Women’s Retreats

spiritual growth

Finding God at Pieology

“He wants us to look for Him,” he spoke gently, but with authority. As my husband and I sat on the love seat in our therapist’s office, we listened while our marriage counselor spoke to us about finding God in the most difficult times.  I have been the one who has been having a hard… Continue reading Finding God at Pieology

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What I’ve Learned About Lying

I have come to realize that one of the worst things about lying to someone is what it tells them about trusting the Holy Spirit in their own life. Having heard the phrase “squelching the Spirit”, but never giving it too much thought, I didn’t realize that I might have the ability to squelch the… Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Lying